Reliable low-height and full-height turnstiles from manufacturers with more than 40-year tradition of production

Turnstile entry control system      

Turnstile is a device that provides passage of persons either uni or bi-directionally.

We offer a wide range of:

» reliable 3-turn turnstiles suitable for use under the constant supervision of an operator

» rotary high-speed turnstiles suitable for installation in areas with the highest safety requirements

» galvanized steel, with or without RAL coating, stainless steel

Controlled by an access control system

» Remote release from a control room or EPS for providing an emergency escape route

Basic turnstiles types

Low-height turnstiles:

» Lower security, 

» Higher passage capacity

» Space-saving


» Folding bars

» Motor-driven mechanism

Full-height turnstiles

» Higher security 

» Higher comfort

» Lower passage capacity

» Motor-driven mechanism

» Direct installation of ticket entry terminals

» Passage LED indication


» Gate is a device that ensures passage of immobile persons and visitors with pushchair

» Mechanical, electromechanical, motorized gates in various designs.

» Manual control or by an access control system

» Remote release from the control room or Emergency system for providing an emergency escape route


ECCO ARENA Gate Turnstiles are bi-directional, single or double-rotor having coat and bridge construction made of galvanized steel. Rod rotors are made of stainless steel equipped with a motor drive. The rotor is a quadrant (90º) with a 600mm passage width ensuring greater security with sufficient comfort. The vertical stainless steel covers on both the exterior and the interior provide space for installation of entry / exit control terminals. Turnstiles are equipped with passage LED indication. Learn more about the ECCO ARENA Gate Turnstile in a separate technical sheet.



» high safety
» robust design
» more than 40-year old tradition of production
» best references in Europe
(in Slovakia: Poprad, Podbrezá, Ružomberok)
» motoric
» pass state indication


» lower safety
» more than 40-year old tradition of production
» RAL/semiRAL/stainless steel design
» non-motoric/motoric
» pass state indication
» height of passage 2000/2120mm

Low-height 3-turn turnstiles

The low-height, 3-turn stainless steel turnstiles 700E are bidirectional turnstiles with fixed rods (optionally with folding rods)
with a robust construction and damping mechanism at the point of turning back to initial position.
Optionally may be equipped with a motor drive.
At the end of an emergency state is the folded rod automatically put into working position.
The turnstile motor drive mechanism increases the passage capacity by about 10 - 20%.
Learn more about turnstile 700E in a separate technical sheet.

Handicapped visitor entry, escape routes


» Stainless steel 1-wing electromechanical with reversible lock and vertical bars
» Tailored dimensions
» Stainless steel 1-wing motor bi-directional gate
» Wing width: 500 - 900 mm
» Interior, exterior installation


» Motorized gates with great design
» Multi-pass assemblies
» Passage widths from 650 to 900mm
» High passage capacity
» With no physical contact with the wings
» Interior installation